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in case you missed it...

Just in case you missed Friday's GoMemphis (Playbook) insert, Muddy's had a wonderful review by the fabulous Christine Arpe Gang. Christine wrote a really great review of the bakery and there were also photos by Ben Fant, who spent about half an hour in the shop last Friday taking photos and hanging out with us behind the counter!

I knew we were going to have a review (I found out a week prior when they called to say a photographer was stopping by!) but I had no idea we were getting a double-page feature! Big thanks to the Commercial Appeal for doing so much to support local businesses; thanks also to Christine for writing such a glowing review and to Ben for the awesome photos... and putting up with our silly antics while "acting natural".

In case you missed it, HERE IS THE ARTICLE!

ps. as a funny side-note that you regulars may appreciate, we had a number of newbies actually calling/visiting the bakery to ask if my hair is really blue! One of you regulars overheard one woman ask and piped up, "sometimes it's a purple mohawk!" Loved it.