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In the words of Freddie Mercury & David Bowie...

In the words of Freddie Mercury & David Bowie...

"This is our last dance"...   (but we'll be back!)

Dear Friends,
Our "last dance" (for now) will be Wednesday, April 1. 
We will be open Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-4pm to say "goodbye for now & thank you", but then will temporarily close for a bit.  

It's all so surreal... On February 29, Muddy’s celebrated our twelfth year of loving & serving Memphis.  It boggles the imagination that a mere month later we are hitting the “pause” button. Yet, we know it's the right decision. 
And yes, we fully appreciate the cosmic hilarity of opening on Leap Day and "closing" on April Fools  :)

Some Mad Props:
To my amazing team who adapted quickly, learned new things, and passionately provided a new kind of hospitality during a crisis. They are brave, kind, and generous and it’s been an honor to work with them.  I hope with all my heart that we will work together again when this is over.

To YOU.... You all have been INCREDIBLE.  I can’t express how much we have felt the love from you- our wonderful community of customers, neighbors, suppliers, and friends- as we navigated these waters.  It has meant more than you could ever possibly know, not just to me but to our whole team.

We will be back.  We will stay in touch. 
Most importantly, WE LOVE YOU.

PS. Stay tuned on our e-newsletter & social.  We're baking up some weird, wacky, and super fun ways to love on you while we're hibernating.  Seriously, sign up on our homepage if you aren't a subscriber...

PPS. We wrote a vision for our Grand (Re)Opening and you can read it here.