June feature drink and nonprofit!

June feature drink and nonprofit!

June drink of the month!.. Introducing the Iced Coconut Matcha Latte

Something light and summery was the goal in creating out Muddy’s Midtown Drink of the Month for June. Gnomies put their heads together to develop the Iced Coconut Matcha Latte: a slightly sweet and very refreshing drink, here just in time for summer! You’re going to love the mix of Japanese Matcha, with your choice of milk, and gourmet coconut syrup, poured over ice. Stop in today and enjoy one paired with a freshly baked cookie (and maybe some sprankles)!

June Featured Nonprofit: Playback Memphis

We are thrilled to have Playback Memphis as the non-profit recipient of our Positive Change Jar for June! Playback Memphis' mission is to provide a place to bring healing, transformation and joy through theatre.
A typical evening at Playback Memphis sees Memphians from areas such as Whitehaven, Orange Mound, Frayser, and Midtown bring to life personal stories that illuminate core issues of public concern such as community /police relations, educational reform, economic disparity and justice reform. Audience members leave feeling unified instead of polarized, inspired instead of overwhelmed and hopeful instead of despairing. The result is a more unified Memphis.

Playback Memphis is part of a longstanding international organization that supports Playback theatre companies in over 60 countries around the world. Playback Memphis is recognized nationally as a leading model in Playback theatre.  In 2006, after 10 years of studying and performing Playback Theatre in San Francisco and New York City, Memphian Virginia Reed Murphy returned home to teach Playback theatre and build a professional company. In 2011, Playback Memphis’ work in the community was highlighted on SIRIUS Radio’s nationally syndicated Bob Edwards show in a piece featuring Jonathon Fox, creator and founder of the Playback model.  This unique, imaginative experience lies at the intersection of art, community and transformation in Memphis.

(Photo Credit: Playback Memphis)

At Muddy’s, we don’t accept tips for our service or charge for drip coffee refills; we believe in thriveable wages for great work and we fundraise for local nonprofits through our "Refill Our Community With Positive Change" jar. Each month our staff selects a Memphis non-profit organization, and 100% of those community funds go to support their mission.

This month will be donated to Playback Memphis. Learn more about them here. 
You can participate by, of course, throwing some change in the jar, but also by nominating a nonprofit that's making a difference in our community!

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