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just another manic monday

Ok, so tell me if this has been you...

It's just another start to the week and you think, "oh man, some Muddy's would really be a win right about now". You scurry over to Sanderlin Ave, score a sweet parking spot- thrilling a little in so many open parking spaces- and bounce up to the bakery door, give it a tug... and WAIT, WHAT? Maybe tug it again... nope, that sucker ain't opening.  You look at the posted hours; your heart sinks as you remember, "oh yeah, Muddy's is closed on Mondays! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Well, no more, my friends!

Yes, that's right.  Starting THIS Monday, February 24, we are open on Mondays 11am-9pm.  
For 6 years y'all have asked us to please be open on Mondays and we just haven't been able to do it and still stay true to our "Sunday isn't a workday" rule.  However, we've matured a lot in our systems and have reached a place in our organization and workflow where we believe we can get everything done without a full day of prep at the start of the week.  Sooooo... we can still have a "Sundays are off limits" rule AND be open on Mondays!  I'm sure there will be some surprises and curve balls as we learn the ropes, but we're all really excited about it and are thrilled to be able to serve y'all better and give the people what they want :)

So if you're having a manic Monday, come get your happy fix with us!