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You Can Bake... Therapy Brownies!

You Can Bake... Therapy Brownies!

So exciting! One of my favorite humans, Jennifer Biggs from the Daily Memphian, recently reached out and asked if I'd be willing to share the recipe for a retired treat with her readers... specifically, the "Therapy Brownies".  Not only did we enthusiastically say YES, we thought it'd be so super fun to film a bake-a-long tutorial to go with it!

Therapy Brownies (so named because they are instant therapy for a no good day!) were a riff on our chocolate brownies-- we would make our classic brownie batter and then add white chocolate and cashews.  YUM.  

We made the "therapy" brownies off and on from about 2010-2015 and retired it in 2015 when we rehabbed our foundational brownie recipe.  The brownie recipe we make now is more chocolatey, more fudgy, more dense & intense. However, the cashews and white chocolate just don't hold their own in it-- and it's more important to me to have the best brownie than to stick with a variant that honestly only popped up every now and then anyway.  That's life.  :)

The recipe we shared with Jennifer & the Daily Memphian-- and teach you in this video-- is the authentic 2011-2015 recipe before the brownie edits.  So if your favorite was the one we retired, this video is a happy for you!


 Looking for the written version of the full recipe? Check out Jennifer's article in the Daily Memphian HERE
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