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making math yummy with custom studio cookies!

Self-described "accountant and longtime math nerd" Hazel recently ordered one of our most fun custom cookie orders to date. To celebrate her daughter's third-grade class's mastery of their multiplication facts, she contacted the Muddy's Custom Studio to see if they could handle an order for two dozen blue multiplication flash card cookies. Little did she know, Sara, the head of the Studio, happens to be a former math teacher-turned-baker, and she was THRILLED with the opportunity to make these celebratory flash cards. She was so excited about the cookies, in fact, that she got all the rest of us Muddy's gnomies excited about it ... and thinking maybe we should feature it on our blog because they were just so ah-freaking-dorable. Luckily, Hazel graciously granted us an interview because the backstory of these cookies is as charming as cookies themselves. Yay!

What inspired your recent order for two dozen multiplication cookies?
 The kids in my daughter's third-grade class were learning their multiplication facts, and the teacher was planning an ice cream sundae party for after the kids got through multiplying by 12. My daughter was so excited for the party. I could not resist contributing something to the party, and I began searching the Internet for a math-themed cookies. I found a picture of what I wanted and then began searching for a way to make these cookies. 

Where did you hear about Muddy's Custom Studio?
Well, after realizing how much work went into Royal Icing, I decided to outsource these cookies and Muddy's was my first choice because it is the closest bakery to my house. Plus I've had quite a few Prozac Cupcakes. Need I say more? I walked in and asked if they did custom orders. And the person behind the counter handed me a brochure about the brand new Custom Studio.

What was working with Sara like?
I emailed the Custom Studio email address and Sara replied. She said she was a former math teacher and was so excited to help fulfill this order. I knew I was in good hands. I had found someone else who could appreciate multiplication fact cookies! We exchanged a few more emails to discuss the dimensions of the cookies, the icing color, etc. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Were you pleased with your order?
I was extremely pleased! The cookies turned out to be beautiful and delicious!

For others interested in holding a multiplication party, could you elaborate on what the kids did at this party? 
The children made sundaes and the got different components of the sundae based on multiplication facts they had successfully tested through. For example, if you passed your 0's through 3's you earned a bowl and a spoon. If you passed your 4's you got ice cream, 5's earned you chocolate sauce, 6's earned you whipped cream and so on. As for the cookies, the teacher went around the room handing out the cookies, and the children had to solve the problem before taking a bite. The kids loved the cookies! 

Anything else you'd like to share about the experience?
Nope. I think I've raved enough. I am so grateful that Sara shared my excitement and vision!