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man in the mirror

So the Michael Jackson classic "Man in the Mirror" came on the radio just now in the bakery and of course within seconds, most people in the shop are singing along under their breath.  I think everyone loves it!

It got me thinking about our recent changes to our outreach program here at Muddy's.  We're doing something a little risky... we're hugely decreasing the number of our donations in favor of being able to do more hands-on and more focused bigger gifts.  We know we'll surely disappoint some folks who often ask for gift card donations for auctions, etc, but we feel very strongly that this is the right thing to do.  

Rather than giving from a distance, we're getting much more hands-on involved and opening up those opportunities to everyone in our business.  Basically, we're starting with the men and women in the mirror.  

We think that not only will we be able to change our world (Memphis) for the better, but that we'll be able to do it by also making ourselves better and allowing ourselves to be changed in the process.