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Many Thanks

Many Thanks

My Thanksgiving instagram post was too long for one caption and I don't know how to make multiple captions stick together in sequence... (sorry, I'm over 40, lol)

For all you gratitude nerds out there, here's the whole thing... along with a few pics. Thanks to Emily W for the pic of us with longtime regular Mimi (I always forget to take pics during a holiday).

See y'all when we get back next week!  


Happy Thanksgiving!
There's so much I'm thankful that it's almost overwhelming.  But here are a few that are big in my heart this year...

+ An amazing team
I know everyone says that, but mine is actually the best. I'm blessed to work with 14 incredible women who put skill, brains, muscle, and heart into every part of this operation whether it's planning the oven schedule, sending follow up emails, helping customers choose the best match pie for their table, hefting 50 lb bags of flour, mixing over 2000 pounds of dough, crimping 1000+ pie crusts by hand, taking out the trash, washing dishes, All Of It. There is no detail too small or unglamorous for these folks-- they put craftsmanship and care into it all. Andrea, Alyssa, Amy, Becky, Dena, Hansa, Kirby, Leah, Mabel, Mel, Merry, Monica, Nina, Tabitha--- many, many thanks.

+ An incredible GM
everything above plus a truly insane amount of planning and conscientious attention to detail. Andrea models a 360 "business ecosystem" approach in her leadership and operations-- making sure we are doing business in ways that daily value guests, employees, vendors, suppliers, and community. She has worked a variety of positions at Muddy's over the years and this is her first Thanksgiving as General Manager... she absolutely Rocked It.
+ Our customers
it's always such an honor to have a place at so many Thanksgiving tables and it means a ton to me that you trust us with something special. We met some new faces this year and saw so many regulars and old friends-- there are folks who have picked up treats at Muddy's every year for over ten years (some for every single one of our 16 Thanksgivings!).  Without people who value, appreciate, and pay for what we make, we don't get to be here doing this crazy thing.  Our customers are the lifeblood of Muddy's and I can't begin to express how much I appreciate every single one of you.  

+ Our suppliers
it's been a really challenging few years in this area and we've had our share of inflation, shortages, etc.  It really highlights the importance of these important relationships-- while they can't wave a magic wand and make these challenges go away, we are SO lucky to work with people at suppliers both large and small who communicate and do their best to ensure we have what we need-- Mike and Scottie at Sysco, the team at Ben E Keith, Kevin at Planet Packaging, Marmilu Farms, Dodson Farms, Sweet Magnolia, Kaye's Ice Cream, Falcon Ridge Farm, B'Chill, Dr. Beans, Prairie Farms Dairy, Central BBQ, Singing Dog Vanilla, Reluctant Trading Experiment, Spicewalla, Spiceology, JK Adams woodworkers, Champion Tees, and so many more.

+ Alumni
a special category of customer! The longer I do this, the more of these faces I see each holiday and the more I'm so grateful for the contributions people make while they're here-- and it means so much to me that so many of them keep visiting Muddy's as customers long after they have moved on to other jobs.  (Shoutout-- photo from Emily Wickliff, an alumna who was a gnomie for 7 years, pictured with Mimi, a longtime regular and shop favorite!)

+ And so much more... 
that we're still even in business 15 years after opening-- through a recession, a pandemic, supply chain issues, and more. 
I get to teach baking workshops, spending time in the kitchen with the most fun people! 
Our wonderful building on Broad Ave in a thriving creative community in the heart of the city. 
Warm gingerbread. 
Twinkle lights. 
Our partnership with Cordelia's in Harbortown.
When my nieces & nephews surprise me in the bakery.
Seeing families ride bikes on the Broad Ave bike lane.
The water tower at twilight.
My wonderful family for all their support, but especially Thomas who has always been a champion of the bakery, even on the days I'm questioning my own sanity.  I love you, T.

Well, that's more than a few things.  If you read this far, you deserve a gold star. 
Thank you for playing a part in all this. Much, much appreciation and happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for giving us another chance to love this city for yet another holiday.  I never take it for granted.  
You are the best and I love you all very much. 
xoxo, Kat

Now I'm napping until next week... with this sweet snuggle pup!