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meet the grind house kitchen goddess: emily p.

So 'kitchen goddess' isn't her actual title, but it might as well be. Emily P. is Muddy's Grind House's kitchen manager, and she performs that role with style, class, and a whole lotta lovin' from the oven, just as you have come to expect from any Muddy's baker!


A lovely newlywed originally hailing from Knoxville, Emily has made a career of her passion for creating in the kitchen. As kitchen manager at the Grind House, she keeps tabs on current culinary trends, experiments with said trends, and creates weekly menus of deliciousness to serve to you, our discerning guests.


Emily's favorite item on the menu to eat? The Cheddar Herb Muffin! 



An excellent choice for those who aren't always keen on sweet products with their coffee, our Cheddar Herb Muffins are incredibly buttery, insanely cheesy, and laced with our own special blend of herbs to satisfy every salty, savory craving. Simply put, in Emily's words, our Cheddar Herb Muffins are so. so. good.


On the sweeter side of things, biscotti are Emily's latest passion. That's right, all our biscotti here are made from scratch just feet from where you purchase them! As she says, 'There are countless flavor combinations to make and I love ALL of them.' This week we are featuring Emily's White Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti, the perfect companion to whatever coffee drink you may fancy!



Emily is eloquent about what she likes best about working at Muddy's Grind House. I will let her speak for herself:


"I love being able to try new things here, and more than that I love all the great feedback I get from our guests. Pulling treats out of the oven has never been so fun, watching everyone?s eyes get big followed by ?WHAT?S THAT?!? I feel like a magician sometimes. Maybe I am??"


Whether you are feasting on her scones, muffins, coffee cakes, or biscotti, the Muddy?s team is pretty sure you will agree: Emily P. is more than just a kitchen manager, and perhaps even more than a kitchen magician, as she calls herself. We are pretty sure she is the definition of a kitchen goddess, and we are lucky to have her on board!



Emily is pictured here with Grind House baker Melanye. We are lucky to have her in our Muddy's Grind House kitchen, too!