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movin' on up

Movin' on Up

Big congratulations to both Kip and Karen!

As our organization has grown, I've needed more of Kip's expertise as the Muddy's 'operations guy' which was taking him away from managing the kitchen more and more. Finally, we realized we've reached the point where his time really is needed primarily in that role, so he is now getting to spend a lot more time with the suppliers, equipment, systems, etcs that is a real passion for him.

Now Karen has been the assistant manager at 'The Underground', our 2nd kitchen, for several years now. Recently, she took over as senior manager of the kitchen and we are so grateful, proud, and excited! She totally knows the ropes, has been Kip's right-hand-hero for plenty of time, and she's totally ready to take on the added responsibility and opportunity. Yay for awesome changes for the team!