muddy's family grows again!

Our family of local farmers just keeps growing!

I'd like to introduce y'all to Tina and her family; they are our newest egg-suppliers and bring fresh eggs from their hens once a week for us to bake our goodies with.

Tina and her family raise a small flock of hens in their large backyard where her husband has built a chicken coop. They started out with two hens that a friend gave them and got hooked on these sweeties!

The family now has thirteen hens (no boys allowed!), each one has a name, and friends have told Tina that these must be the most spoiled chickens on the planet.

Tina says, "the weather is nice now, so if you knock on our door and don't get an answer, just come around back- we're probably sitting amongst the girls with one in our lap!"

Photos: the ladies (above) and Tina's son, Isidro, with Butterscotch (below)

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