muddy's kitchen tour + tasting: a review by a muddy's groupie (like you)!

Chances are you've heard a little something about Muddy's Kitchen Tours + Tastings by now. A rare opportunity to see the magical behind-the-scenes of a local homestyle bake shop kitchen, Muddy's Kitchen Tours + Tastings are our invitation to you to tour our kitchen, talk to our bakers, and try your hand at some of the most fun baking tasks (including -- yes -- icing your own cupcake and cake inscription!). The tasting part comes in with a visit to our Test Kitchen, where you'll learn our methodology for tasting for quality and recipe development and try your own hand (or, well, tastebuds) at "tasting" four Muddy's goodies!

After attending one of our tours last year, Memphian Jenny Barrett, the baker and blogger behind, wrote a great blog post about her experience and has graciously allowed us to feature it on our own blog. Thanks, Jenny! Read on for a sneak peek of what you'll experience on the Muddy's Kitchen Tour + Tasting!

written by Jenny Barrett of

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to tour the kitchen behind Memphis’s favorite cupcake, cookie, and pie supplier: Muddy’s! Baker that I am, I was nerding out the WHOLE time, asking too many questions, snapping pictures like I was the Muddy’s paparazzi, and suggesting ways to improve a new frosting that’s in development. (No spoilers here. HA.)

Before I get into the tour, let me brief you a bit on Muddy’s. Founded by owner Kat Gordon, Muddy’s opened at its East Memphis location in 2008. Muddy’s bakery originally operated out of the Sanderlin store, but they soon outgrew it after gaining loyal fans from all over Memphis. The organization’s next step was to open a kitchen that would provide additional space for baking and decorating inventory. Muddy’s most recent venture is a bake shop/coffeehouse on Cooper Street, affectionately named the Grindhouse. All three locations have a warm, colorful vibe and decor, complete with unicorns and gnomes.

I signed up to go on the tour about 3 months ago, and I got my fellow foodie friend, Sarah, to come with me. We were excited at first, but we put our anticipation on hold until yesterday, when we started texting each other about the tour, as groupies do.

We arrived about 10 minutes early, which gave us some time to take in the atmosphere of the Muddy’s kitchen and stake out the best seats in the house. The kitchen is housed in a reclaimed warehouse.... click to read more on Jenny's blog!

All photos in this post by Jenny Barrett.

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