Muddy's Magical Indie Gift Guide 2018

Muddy's Magical Indie Gift Guide 2018

This year, between the funky-cozy home decor and tasty food on my Christmas wish list, there are the things I really, truly want but might not always acknowledge: a few hand-drawn photos from my nephews, a couple moments baking alone in my kitchen for pleasure, reflection on the past year, and a whole lot of time relaxing and enjoying the company of the people I love. With that in mind, our team compiled this gift guide with a focus on the city we love, the magical makers who live and work here, moments to savor, and ways to spend time with people who matter the most. Huzzah! Merry Christmas!

* denotes gifts typically available at Muddy's Bake Shop locations

** denotes gifts from makers featured at our Memphis Maker Market at our Midtown location on December 15th

Local Books for People who Love Food:

The author of The Southern Pantry Cookbook, Jennifer Chandler, was one of our very first customers, and over the years she's written several fabulous cookbooks! Her recipes are delicious but also accessible; she writes for the home cook, keeping in mind time, family, and access to common ingredients.*

The Southern Vegetarian authors Justin & Amy are as exuberant in their cookbooks as they are in person. Whether you are a vegetarian or a vegetable enthusiast (like me), this book is full of staples as well as creative, tasty dishes.* 
Dive into a tasty tour of Memphis with this beautiful coffee table book, Feeding Memphis. Featuring stories and recipes from a wide variety of Memphis eateries, it inspires visits but also adventures in your own kitchen. (Muddy's has a recipe in there, too!)*

The Food Lover's Guide to Memphis from Pam Denney, a professor of food journalism at UofM, makes a lovely gift for a newcomer to Memphis or someone just looking for a handy guide for culinary exploration.*

Unique Experiences for Memphis Explorers:

Get creative making masterful messes, elegant art, or both with our friends at The Art Project (Midtown), Little Studio on the Square (Arlington), or Flicker Street Studio (Midtown).

Visit our Broad Avenue Kitchen on a special behind-the-scenes tour or book a cookie decorating party at our Midtown location. Inquire about our events at*

Learn Memphis’ musical history on a Backbeat Tour. They are SO FUN for tourists and locals alike.

See a show just down the street from our Midtown shop at Playhouse on the Square, Hattiloo Theatre, or Ballet Memphis. Or experience the arts out East at Opera Memphis or the Germantown Performing Arts Center.

If you can stand to wait for a nice day outside, plan a special day canoeing on Hyde Lake, biking the trails, or playing at the Woodland Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms Park.

Tiny Treats for Wee Ones:

We know newborn babies can’t read, but everyone else loves seeing them in our “fresh baked” Muddy’s Bake Shop onesies. They're just so darn cute.* 

The locally-made toys from Prim Society are soft and beautiful for babies and parents to both enjoy.**

The fabulous artist behind many Muddy’s illustrations, Denise Holmes, has also illustrated a few adorable children’s books. You can find them and her other work here!

Also, is it just me, or would a bundle of used gift wrapping tubes wrapped up with a big bow make an awesome gift for just about any small child?

Cozy Gifts for Busy Hosts + Hostesses:

Share a locally-made mug from Paper and Clay or Bridgeman Pottery paired with your recipient’s favorite tea or coffee (we especially recommend our Mom’s Spiced Tea Mix!) to be enjoyed by the hosts of a party the next morning. **

Gift butter-soft pajamas or a classic cozy robe from our East Memphis neighbor, Gild the Lily, along with a classic movie and a nice bag of popcorn.

Present hosts with a bottle opener from Spicer Brothers Woodworking paired with a case of their favorite local beer (Kip recommends High Cotton’s Scottish Ale, Caolinn recommends Wiseacre’s Gotta Get Up to Get Down, and Eilidh recommends Crosstown Brewery’s Siren Blonde Ale!)**

Gift a fabulously-scented Falling Into Place candle, a fresh Everbloom Design wreath or bouquet, or tickets to a class at either local shop to make your own stunning home goods together.**

Bring a holly cookie tray from Muddy’s for a crowd-pleasing dessert that’s as easy as it is impressive for the party, or bake something homemade and delicious with our house-made vanilla extract (and then bring a bottle of it to share)!*

Presents that Inspire More Presence, for All of Us:

A Lindsey Glenn notebook with the front page filled with a list of your favorite shared memories will definitely come with alllll the feelings, while a 5-minute journal (there's a children's version too!0 might inspire a practice of gratitude and reflection in the new year.** 

A donation to your recipient’s favorite local charity is always personal, meaningful, and well-spent.

We think a yoga class could make a sweet gift. The folks at Delta Groove have made our mornings at our staff retreat, Gnome Camp, special for years!

This Good News Calendar from Signet Sealed has us looking forward to every single day in 2019.**

Gifts for Gnome Enthusiasts:

How hilarious is this giant disco gnome? As one reviewer noted, “happy gnome, happy home”. Ha ha!

We hope you’re able to enjoy the gift of the people and places you love this holiday season, and we can't wait to help you savor the sweet, little things.

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