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muddy's news bulletin: a wee increase in the price of awesome

If you've purchased cookies this week at Muddy's Bake Shop, you may have noticed a wee increase of your total on your receipt. No, it's not your imagination: as of Monday, October 19, the prices of many of our cookies, bars, and a handful of other items has increased. In most cases the increases are minor, and the few exceptions are exceptions for good reasons (read: HOLY COW, HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW BROWNIES?*).

So we can't be the only ones who have noticed that the prices of pretty much everything has gone up in the past 7+ years since Muddy's first opened its doors on Sanderlin. If you're a baker like us gnomies (or just an eater of breakfast), you are bound to have noticed that the price tags on butter and eggs in particular have been inching higher and higher. And higher. As eaters of Muddy's baked goods, you're also surely aware that our products are loaded with not just butter and eggs but QUALITY butter and eggs. Aside from a couple of outliers, however, we've kept the price of our cookies and bars the same since 2008 and absorbed the mounting price increases of ingredients rather sharing the cost with customers.  As you can imagine, that has become more and more challenging, and ultimately, untenable.

But we've been making an increased effort recently to really listen to what our customers need, and this has led us to discover that keeping our prices artificially low may not be the best course of action after all. You've made it clear that you want an exciting, varied, always scratch-made, and consistently high-quality menu, and Muddy's is committed to giving you just that. 

However, you can't make quality products (from scratch, every day!) without quality ingredients... or quality people rolling out that pie dough, making that latte, or ensuring that you have the best possible experience each and every time you walk through the doors at either of our locations.

And so, we hope you will join us in being at least a little excited about our slight price increase, as it enables us to continue to deliver you the lovin' from the oven you've grown to expect through the years and even improve upon it! An important lesson we gnomies have been learning is that you can't be the best AND the cheapest. We choose to be the best because our customers are the best, and you deserve it!

* And speaking of the best, srsly, have you seen our new brownies? They've increased in price for a reason! While we think our original renditions were pretty darn good, we knew they could be better. The revamped recipe for each of our brownies includes more chocolate, and there is no other word for their new size than 'gargantuan.' Well, maybe 'monster.' Or, if you prefer, 'HUUUUUUUUUUGE' has been used by more than one person to describe these masterpieces of chocolatey perfection! If you haven't checked them out yet, the new version of our Minty Brownies is featured in our case this week, and we're pretty sure one has your name on it!