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muddy's original cocktail: a honey of a peach whiskey sour

If you're excited to hear that your favorite Memphis bakery and coffee shop is now offering cocktails... I'm sorry to disappoint. BUT we are here today to offer you the first original cocktail dreamed up by a Muddy's mind, and that's something, right? This was a lazy Labor Day night invention of my own, when I was craving... something... but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. A piece of Muddy's Peachy Keen Pie, featuring honeyed fresh peaches naturally, was on my mind. And then, I've never been one to say no to a whiskey sour!

That's why I always make sure to have on hand Bittermilk No. 3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour: this divine handcrafted concoction makes whiskey sours easy peasy for those lazy nights when you don't want to juice lemons, make simple syrup, etc., etc. Plus, that smoked honey flavor is to die for, and particularly a must in National Honey Month! It's pretty easy to always have on hand in spite of how fast I go through it, considering we carry it at both Muddy's locations!

But as I mentioned, this particular night I wanted Peachy Keen Pie to go along with my whiskey sour. And I didn't have any. <frowny face> But I did have a few peaches from Saturday's farmer's market, and so I thought, well, why not? And so A Honey of a Peach Whiskey Sour was born. I thought this was too good not to share with the Muddy's fan club (and don't worry about peach season ending soon: frozen peaches may never see the inside of a Muddy's pie, but they work just fine in a cocktail like this)!


A Honey of a Peach Whiskey Sour

2 ounces Bourbon
2 ounces Bittermilk No. 3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour
1 small peach

Peel and slice the peach. Muddle it with the Bittermilk No. 3 in a cocktail shaker. Add Bourbon and ice. Shake and strain into a glass, and garnish with a slice of peach (or a half of a peach if your peaches are as small as mine). Rosemary garnish is optional (and an homage to Muddy's Lindye's Honey Rosemary Cookies), but I highly recommend both the cookies and the garnish! My husband says it makes the drink smell like Christmas, but the peaches, smokey honey, and rosemary combined smell exactly like my Grandma's backyard to me.

Don't forget to pick up Bittermilk No. 3 (or any of the other Bittermilk flavors we carry) next time you come to see us for your sugar and/or caffeine fix! Your lazy cocktail-craving self (and your friends, lazy or not) will thank you later, I promise.