Muddy's "Sweet Sixteen" Birthday Festivities!

Muddy's "Sweet Sixteen" Birthday Festivities!

Somebody pinch me, my little "bakery experiment" turns SIXTEEN this week!

It seems like yesterday (but also a hundred years ago) that I took a big leap -honestly mostly figuring I'd fall on my face- and opened Muddy's on Leap Day 2008.  I was 26 years old.  It was the height of a recession. I was a beginner.  There was no "grand opening" and no advertising (there STILL has never been a single paid ad for this place). 

In sixteen years a lot has changed... I'm 42 now and have learned a lot (even though I sometimes still feel like a beginner). We came through the recession, then growing pains, then more growing pains, then a pandemic, then the weirdness post-pandemic (a friend calls this "Reconstruction" and it's apt). But a lot has stayed the same-- most importantly that we're still doing what we set out to do: lovin' from the oven for our amazing Memphis community. 

Anyway, I can (and probably will, in a follow-up post) go on and on about the amazement and gratitude I feel for these last sixteen years, but let's get to the FUN BIRTHDAY PLANS!!!!!  To celebrate sixteen years of lovin' Memphis, we wanted our birthday to be all about appreciating our customers and saying THANK YOU to all of y'all for this amazing ride. So without further ado...


All week: Super Terrific RAFFLE Extravaganza!  
Enter all week and at the end, we're giving away SIXTEEN awesome prizes!

Prizes include: cookie platters, cupcake boxes, tee shirt, gift baskets curated by yours truly, pie-of-the-month subscription, and the super-duper grand prize... a private event for you and 8 friends (baking class, cookie decorating... we'll work with the winner to determine best format).  YAYAYAYAY!!!!! 

To enter: Just fill out a raffle entry card at checkout (as many times as you visit the bakery!) and we'll draw the prizes after closing on Saturday.  Broadcast on IG but we'll also notify winners via email. 

*   *   *

All week: Special Birthday Samples, Fun Menu Items, Limited Edition Swag
We will have LOADS of free samples going all week long-- come by and try a birthday mini-cupcake and more.  Our menu this week will also feature some special decorated cookies & cupcakes for walk-in
... AND a very limited run of "Dino Jeff" sweet sixteen birthday tees for sale!

*   *   *

Thu Feb 29:  Leap Day Birthday Giveaway
Were you born on Leap Day too? Get 2 free cupcakes!  

To claim your cupcakes: Just walk-in the shop on 2/29 and bring proof that you were born on February 29 (drivers license, etc).  Select your choice of two cupcakes (one for your bday and one to grow on!) and at checkout, show your proof of Leap-Day-Birthday. That's it!

*   *   *

Fri Mar 1, 5-7pm:  First Friday Cake Walk
Every "first Friday" Broad Ave stays open later and hosts a fun evening, so this year we're participating with a cake walk!

Y'all remember cake walks from carnivals, right? Every 15 min we'll do a round of Cake Walk-- everyone walks from spot to spot while the music plays and when the music stops, you stop on a spot.  We draw a number and if you're standing on that number, you choose a prize from the prize table (we'll have cake, but also brownies, cookies, pie, etc).  

To play: purchase a ticket and join the fun!  Tickets are $3 each and all proceeds to Carpenter Art Garden, one of our FAVORITE organization (and it's in our neighborhood!).

*   *   *

Sat Mar 2: General Funtimes & Raffle Drawing
All the fun stuff we're doing all week long and at the end of the day, we'll draw the SIXTEEN prizes for our Super Terrific Raffle Extravaganza!


Whew!!!  Ok, that's a big week of festivities and LOADS of giveaways, activities, and more.  I sincerely hope that you can join us for at least one of these fun events-- at the very least so we can say THANK YOU for helping get us here to this incredible milestone!  Sixteen years in business... cheers!

Kat & the gnomies of Muddy's
(and Dino Jeff, of course)

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