Muddy’s Journal

November Covid-19 Update

November Covid-19 Update
There are a lot of rumors swirling about returning to Phase 1 soon and a few of you have asked how we'll handle it. 
The short answer: the way we've handled this thing for the last 9 months- we'll take care of our staff & our customers.  We'll communicate what's going on and share information &  resources with our fellow small businesses.

So, what would a return to Phase 1 mean for Muddy's?
With the assumption that this would be a marathon, not a sprint, Muddy's has voluntarily been operating with "Phase 1" protocols in mind ever since we reopened in July.
  • We adopted a "bake sale" model: pre-packaging all goodies in our kitchen, offering seating outdoors only, and arranging our shopping set up so it's a one-way traffic path.  
  • Both guests AND staff must wear masks covering nose & mouth and practice physical distancing while at Muddy's.  We limit how many people are in the shop and in the kitchen using distancing guidelines.
  • Payments are no-touch, whether in person or online (no cash handling).
  • We offer contactless pick up at our "back door" for preorders.
  • Strict guidelines for intake of deliveries & supplies.
  • Health screening daily for all staff and a "queen of clean"  making the rounds with bleach every hour.
  • No communal items; ie: we will do your cream & sugar for coffee for you, pens are stored in "clean" jars and moved to "dirty" to be sanitized before their next use, etc.
  • We're operating only out of our kitchen location at 2497 Broad Ave, which helps us keep our operation tight & lean. This not only increases our chances for sustaining the business for the long term, but makes it easier for us to maintain leadership presence onsite at all times, guiding the way on compliance & safety measures.
I'm so proud of this team and how resilient they've been these last 8 months through a growing pandemic, a business hibernation, reopening, and then maintaining a sustainable pace and vigilance with our wellness practices. 
I'm also SO grateful to our customers for the encouragement and especially y'all's cooperation & support as we've navigated these waters, even when it's meant some disappointments along the way.
We will continue the course, following local guidelines (not just in letter, but intent), and sharing hospitality with our community as safely as we possibly can.
Got questions?  Holler anytime.
With love & hope,
Kat Gordon