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now open: Muddy's Grind House

It's finally here!  Muddy's Bake Shop has a younger sibling!

For the last year we've been building out and preparing for Muddy's Grind House, our coffee shop at 585 S. Cooper.  Ever since Muddy's Bake Shop opened in 2008 folks have been asking us to please expand our business.  We've gotten franchise offers and investor asks to expand the business, but none of these opportunities really resonated with us.  However, growth has many qualities including opportunities for staff, creative possibilities, and, of course, making our customers happy.  We decided a while back to grow the business, but to do it into different "sibling businesses" that cooperate with each other but have their own identities.  Muddy's Grind House is not Muddy's Bake Shop, but they are definitely from the same gene pool!

We are approaching this is a learning lab-- just like we've done at the Bake Shop since we opened!  
We definitely don't know everything about the coffee business and we're not going to pretend to be the experts.  We have created a space that we hope is comfortable and welcoming.  We've filled it with friendly team members who are excited to serve you and share a great experience.  We hope you'll be open with your feedback and tell us what else you'd like on the menu, what needs improvement, and what we can do to make this YOUR 'happy place'.  

We hope you'll join us on our newest adventure!


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