oh my muffins! check out our 3 new flavors + new sizes for all

oh my muffins! check out our 3 new flavors + new sizes for all

Welcome to April, Memphis, and welcome to Muddy's Spring + Summer Menu! We're on top of the world about all the fun classic flavors we've brought back from vacay (anyone remember the Little Miss Sunshine Pie? Because that is what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow) as well as all the new flavors we're introducing to our pre-order menu. Wanna stay in the know about our new flavors and other fun stuff happening at the shops? Stay tuned to our blog, pick up a Spring + Summer lookbook in our shops, and/or sign up for our newsletter to never miss out on what's hoppin' with the gnomies here at Muddy's Bake Shop!

Today we're talking one of the biggest new areas of development on the Muddy's menu: muffins! Not only have we introduced three new muffins (all of which are not overly sweet, and one, in particular, is exceptionally savory), but we've also increased the size of ALL of our muffins in a dramatic way. Our muffins are now 100% hunger-slaying, meal-unto-themselves beauties!

East Memphis manager Annabeth graciously allowed me to use her own beautiful face to accurately show the scale of our muffins-- seriously, they're almost as big as anybody's face, y'all!

honey pecan muffins

Our Honey Pecan Muffins are the perfect marriage of two flavors that were always meant to be: sweet and faintly floral honey and toasty, salty pecans. The honey keeps these babies soft and moist and satisfyingly sticky, while the pecans throughout and on top give a satisfying nutty crunch that you'll enjoy as much with a cup of coffee as with a cup of tea. 

hazelnut espresso chocolate chip muffins

Hazelnuts. Espresso. Chocolate chips. These are a few of my favorite things, and if they're a few of your faves too, I know you'll love these muffins as much as I do! Rich espresso muffins are studded with hazelnuts and chocolate chips, and I think that's 'nuff said. A natural pairing with any espresso drink at our Midtown shop, of course. 

goat cheese & green onion muffins

A savory yet decadent treat, our Goat Cheese and Green Onion Muffins are the answer when you want Muddy's but not necessarily something sweet. And trust me, these fellas are no compromise. These muffins are packed with HEAPS of goat cheese and flavorful fresh green onion to create a meal-in-a-muffins 100% worthy of the Muddy's name (and also my new addiction). 

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