One Hot Broad

Ok, the news has broken and it's official: Muddy's will have a presence on Broad!

Here are some FAQs to give y'all an idea of what the heck is going on.

Q. Is Muddy's moving (away from Sanderlin)?

A. No.

Q. Will we be able to buy things there?

A. People will be able to pick up preorders there, but for the time being we aren't planning to have a full scale retail operation.

Q. So what is it for?

A. Most of the space will be kitchen space dedicated to baking to help supply the Sanderlin store and also so we can accommodate more preorders. We will have a small, flexible customer space for booking special events, workshops, etc. We also plan to offer walk-in retail for special events that are happening in the neighborhood like the Broad Ave Art Walk.

Q. What about parties/ can I book a party?

A. We hope to be able to rent the space for parties by the end of the year, but our primary focus is getting the construction done so our kitchen is operational. Stay tuned for info on retail and/or party rental.

Q. When?

A. The space is completely without plumbing, electrical, etc, so we anticipate that construction on the kitchen portion will be finished late spring to early summer. At that time, we can move our "Underground" (aka helper kitchen) to the Broad space and begin the renovations on the customer area (the space for events, etc).

Let me know other questions and we'll do our best to answer!!! We're super pumped to contribute to the amazing progress happening on Broad Ave!

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