Muddy’s Blog

our (super)hero!

by Karen, our night cashier and all around all star

I have been working at Muddy's Bake Shop for about a year now; it's a great place to work part time. I enjoy treats just like you do (especially pie!) so it's pretty 'sweet' to come here four nights a week. Awesome! Well, almost. Something has been lacking at the shop that was not easily created, baked, drawn, or otherwise materialized. We needed a superhero to whip up the best in the place. A protector with the most stirring of motives -- good manners!

Last Saturday night, our advocate arrived in the most unlikely of disguises, a little boy (let's call him Miller) in a pair of gloves, black shirt, black pants, a walkie talkie in his pocket, and wielding the most powerful of power -- a whisk. (insert superhero fanfare here) MY HERO! Our hero posed conveniently in front of the 'Mind Your Manners' sign. I knew we had the power Whisk Guy! Rude Dude, you better watch out.

There may be other superheros out there for Muddy's Bake Shop. What about Spatula Girl, or Pie Plate Pal, or Mixer Man? We need another hero to keep Whisk Guy company in Cookie Cave.