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party planning tip: display those muddy's treats in style!

You've determined that your party simply isn't complete without something from Muddy's Bake Shop. You've finally decided what that something is. You've even placed your order--you're all set! But wait--have you thought about how you're going display that delicacy of the gods? If thinking about that part stresses you out, here are some thoughts about how to easily make your dessert table--be it a simple 6-inch cake on a corner of your kitchen counter or 300 cupcakes at a wedding--worthy of your Muddy's, of your party, and even of your family and friends!

1. Get a great cake stand. Cake stands aren't just for cakes! Cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, pies, hors d'oeuvres, and even small pizzas look scrumptiously at home on a beautiful cake stand, so you know you'll use it again. Colorful, shiny vintage cake stands are often available at estate sales, and Etsy of course has an endless selection. Better yet, plan to pick up your cake stand at Muddy's Bake Shop when you're picking up your dessert! So easy, so pretty, so perfect for your party.

2. Too many cupcakes for a cake stand? Try tiers! Of course multiple cake stands are always an option, but either your space or taste may demand tiers to display your dessert of choice. An especially good option when offering cupcakes in lieu of a wedding cake, a tiered display can work just as well for a large birthday party or shower. Here is an awesome tutorial on how to DIY a tiered cupcake (or mini pie) display. If your party budget is already maxed out, note this is a cheap and easily customizable solution!

3. Need something a little different? Look for other fun alternative stands. If it has a flat surface and isn't toxic, well, why not if it works for your party? Tree stump stands are really en vogue these days, and repurposed wooden crates make fabulous surfaces! Throw some fabric over it if it doesn't quite match the look you're going for. If you have a LOT of dessert, consider repurposing an entire piece of furniture for the purpose. Check out this little inspiration for how a bookshelf can beautifully showcase a collection of sweets worthy of a princess!

4. Decorate, decorate, decorate! The secret to a Pinterest-worthy dessert table? Little personalized dashes of personality. Add a garland--in the air, hanging off the front of the table, or even laying on the table itself. That garland could be flowers, paper hearts, felt, or even a classic Happy Birthday Banner with a retro feel, which is always available on the shelves at Muddy's Bake Shop! Paper doilies and confetti (here again Muddy's Bake Shop has some in stock to make your life a little easier) are other options to make your dessert table as sweet on the eyes as it will be in your mouth!

5. Offering multiple Muddy's choices? Label your guests' options. Handmade labels, whether simple folded paper or taped onto a stick and turned into a little flag, can be as adorable as they are welcome to the guest wondering if that is vanilla or cream cheese icing. Just offering one cake or variety of cupcakes? Little flags and pennants without words (or with a personalized message) can still add some personality to your dessert. Check out the Birthday Cake Pennants in stock at Muddy's Bake Shop for a darling way to decorate that cake in style!

Now that you have your perfect dessert table all ready to go, enjoy! And don't forget to take pictures. Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook, or email them to for a chance to be featured in a blog post! Happy party planning!