Muddy’s Journal

pimento cheese, please!

Y'all have got to check out this video sent to me by Paul Knipple, regular Muddy's customer and superb food writer. His friend Nicole is trying to make a movie about that great Southern staple pimento cheese and this video is a funny teaser with people guessing what it is! 

Click here to watch the video!

Incidentally, Nan's pimento cheese is one of our hot sellers at Muddy's. It's chunky and a little spicy and absolutely superb! Thomas's mother, Nancy Cheairs, crafted the recipe after being disappointed by the goopy overly-mayonnaised messes she kept finding at the grocery. One of our regulars, Cathy Allen, actually uses our pimento cheese as the main ingredient in her broccoli cheese soup!

Variations abound when it comes to this awesome food. Justin over at Chubby Vegetarian even has one with carrots!

What about you? Do you like your pimento cheese goopy or chunky?? Mild or spicy?? One cheese or a mix?

Ps. Don't forget to watch the video above and if you support Nicole's project, please pledge!