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"Rummage" Sale!

"Rummage" Sale!

Muddy’s Rummage Sale
Saturday June 13, 10am-noon
2497 Broad Ave (parking lot corner of Broad & Merton)

EVERYTHING is $1,  $5, or $10 (no tax).  
Paypal preferred; cash accepted if correct bills (we won’t have a change box). 
We'll be outdoors, so masks are appreciated but not required.  :)

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We are preparing to re-open!  

As a 12-year old business with three locations, we have accumulated a LOT of stuff over the years... in preparing to re-open, we’ve been cleaning up and clearing out.

Everything is priced to go-- our priority is gaining space to re-open fresh & tidy!

Kitchen Wares

  • Copper canisters
  • French press coffee pots
  • Chemex coffee brewers
  • Cookbooks, new & used
  • Amy Sedaris juice glass sets
  • Pineapple juice glass sets
  • Gingham pattern prep bowl sets
  • Tailgate coolers
  • Insulated coffee/creamer carafes
  • Demitasse/espresso cups & saucers
  • Misc aprons (merch remainders)
  • Novelty cake pans (used)
  • Home-sized muffin tins (used)

Party Supplies

  • Paper party plates (box of 4 sets = 36 plates total)
  • Birthday party cake candles
  • Biodegradable party straws
  • Party horns & bunting
  • Assorted packs of greeting cards
  • Assorted bags of number candles

Grocery/Bulk Foodstuffs

  • Rishi tea, bulk
  • Sweet matcha tea powder
  • Coconut milk by the case (shelf stable cartons)
  • Almond milk by the case (shelf stable cartons)
  • Boylan sodas (ginger ale, cola, grape soda) by the case
  • Monin syrups


  • Metal cart
  • Storage bins
  • Locker unit
  • Wooden hangers
  • Box of tech equipment (routers, etc)
  • Business books

And more...


Swing by the Kitchen on Saturday morning to find a treasure  :)