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sexy V Day poem

Ok Mom and Dad, cover up Bobby and Sally's precious eyes; this is one for the grown-ups. One of our lovely customers, Beth, sent us this poem she wrote, inspired by a Capote cupcake! Thanks for allowing us to share it!

sex with a cupcake

I flirted with you

from behind the glass

stealing glances

licking my lips in anticipation

once I got you home

I took a long loving look

so delicate

your nonpareils sprinkled about

the surface like jewelry

I gently lifted your pleated paper skirt

I teased you with my tongue

licking just the tip of the icing

the sweetness

the richness

the texture on my tongue

so smooth and creamy

ah, the first bite was heavenly

I savored it

letting the flavor linger

in my mouth

sucking the icing through my teeth

but then hunger took hold

I opened wider

bit harder

consuming you

in a fog of sugar and butter

but then quickly

ah, too quickly

you were gone

and now I am left with just

the perfect memory

and the taste of you

still fresh on my mind

as I contemplate another...


Woohoo, let's hear it for Beth's poetic chops! *snaps* Our Capotes are blushing and asked me to tell you they're wonderfully flattered and swept off their feet. :)