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silver and gold...

I know when I think of the words "silver and gold" I imagine them being sung by this man (er, snowman). However I am happy to report that in this instance I am referring to a silver and a gold placement in the current Memphis magazine readers' poll*. Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who voted for Muddy's! It makes us feel all warm and gushy inside. :)

We got the gold medal for "Best Place to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth", which is obviously an awesome honor.

We also got the silver medal for "Best Service". Y'all, when I saw that one I was speechless with happiness. I had no hopes that we would place that category, as most equate "best service" with sit-down eateries, wait-staff, etc. I see my crew work just as hard as any table-service waiter day in and day out and I am lucky enough to work with an absolutely AMAZING bunch of people. I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT express to you how much this means to me and to every single member of our team, especially those who spend their days taking pre-orders, operating the register, and working the counter. "BLOWN AWAY WITH GRATITUDE AND HAPPINESS" is about the closest I can come.

Thank y'all so incredibly much from the bottom of my heart for bestowing this honor on us, and thank you to my lovely, incredible, awesome coworkers for earning this accolade. XOXOXOXO!!! -Kat


*to take gold, winners had to receive at least 10% of the votes cast; to take silver, they had to take at least 5% of total votes.When you consider how many eateries there are in town and how many people vote, this is a Big Freaking Deal. SO HAPPY!