Muddy’s Journal

singing dog vanilla

As you know, here at Muddy's we strive for the best! So, I went on a hunt to find delicious vanilla that was in line with out philosophies. This brought me to Singing Dog Vanilla. Here's a little bit about them...

Bill Wiedmann and Marty Parisien came up with the idea for the company while traveling around the Pacific Islands helping farmers with marketing, finance, and productivity. They found a vanilla farm in Papua New Guinea and decided to partner with them, creating a company that shares profits with the farmers, is green, creates great vanilla, and helps create happy farming communities.

The company was named Singing Dog after the singing dogs of Papua New Guinea. They don't bark but instead sing like whales! Take a listen! It's pretty wild!

Singing Dog now works with hundreds of vanilla growing families throughout Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. They pay for the vanilla beans they use and also give a percentage of the profit back to the farms whose beans are used. They call it FairTrade... I call it GreatVanilla! :D

We made the switch to Singing Dog a couple of months ago and we've loved using their product.  We even had a blind taste test with our baking team to help make the decision and Singing Dog won over several other brands in a landslide!

Bake on,