Sirius Black

This friendly, sweet dog is looking for a new family to love!

"Sirius Black" (we named him after the Harry Potter character!) started showing up outside our kitchen on Broad Ave a few weeks ago.  He was emaciated, his fur was patchy, and he looked pretty terrible.  He was exhausted and hungry, but despite that, very sweet. After feeding and watering him for a couple days, Karen and Tim got him to the Utopia Animal Hospital where he was treated like a prince.  Everyone there fell in love with him!

Sirius is male, about 5 years old, housebroken, updated on vaccinations, and will be neutered as of Monday.  He gets along great with other dogs and has a very sweet disposition; he's a little timid at first, but then just wants to love and be loved. There are a lot of perks to adopting an older dog-- already housebroken and settled- none of that puppy chewing and wetting!

All of us at the Muddy's Kitchen are already (over)stocked on animals, so we're looking for someone to adopt this wonderful boy. If you're interested, please contact Karen at


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