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staff pick: apricot almond oat bar!

Well, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, so we're in for considerably more winter it seems. Don't let the news get you down, though. After all, you live in Memphis where Muddy's Bake Shop provides you tasty scratch-made treats rain or shine! This week we think you'll get an exceptional kick out of one of the most delicious bars on the planet. Our staff pick for February 2-7 is the Apricot Almond Oat Bar!

Apricots hold a certain mystique, don't they? They simply aren't an everyday fruit, though I certainly wish they were! The exotic yet familiar apricot's velvety sweetness is balanced with a just a hint of tart muskiness, and it holds an almost buttery richness that just begs to be a part of a Muddy's Almond Oat Bar. 

If you have never had any of our Almond Oat Bar varieties, you have no idea what you are missing out on! Almond sliver, oats, and brown sugar saturated in buttery perfection are baked into bar form with a generous topping of fruit-packed jam (in this case yummy yummy apricot jam), and topped with additional buttery almond oat bar crumble for a party in your mouth that belies their humble homey appearance. Don't miss out on our rarely seen Apricot variety this week!

AND... if you love apricots and almonds and agree with us that they are a match made in heaven, be sure to call 901.683.8844 and place an order today for Muddy's all-new Valentine's Day cupcake flavor, the Daydream Believer! Tender cake with a hint of almond flavor is the perfect platform for apricot buttercream and apricot drizzle. Make a believer out of your loved ones (and yourself) this Vday with this incredible flavor pairing we should have thought of long ago!