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staff pick: cherry baby pie!

Got a hankering for summer fruit pie? You're not alone: we bakers at Muddy's Bake Shop completely understand. We are experiencing the same thing, after all! Luckily, you need look no further than Muddy's to satisfy your need for that sweet seasonal pastry. This week we have multiple fruit pies on the case. Want to try something a little unique and very delicious? Check out the Pear Anise Pie, an amazing combination of pear and anise seeds that will leave you wondering why you didn't think of that! Or perhaps you prefer a classic fruit pie? Then this week's staff pick is for you! This week we at Muddy's are all about our stunningly simple and temptingly tasty Cherry Baby Pie!

A longtime staff and customer favorite, the Cherry Baby Pie never, ever disappoints. A lovingly hand-latticed crust (made from our signature buttery pie dough, of course) encases our scratch-made cherry filling. A mix of sweet dark cherries is lightly sweetened and given a hint of almond (and maybe one or two other secret ingredients--sh!), and all magically transforms into the kind of pie filling Grandma and Grandma's Grandma made LONG before the abombination that masquerades as pie filling in a can.

Don't put off the satisfaction of that craving one minute longer! The Cherry Baby Pie is in the case this week--July 7-12--at Muddy's, just waiting to make your acquaintance!