staff pick: chocolate dream pie!

One of the amazing perks of working at Muddy's Bake Shop is that each employee gets a free cake or pie for their birthday. Decisions, decisions! But it's the Chocolate Dream Pie that Muddy's bakers can never resist! And just your (and our!) luck, it's on the case this week, April 21-16!

If you have already tried our chocolate dream pie then I know you will agree that this is that pie from the movies. This is the rich chocolate icebox pie they order in The Andy Griffith Show. It's the pie the Johnny and Sally share in that 1950s sci-fi flick just before the giant grasshoppers crash through the windows of the small-town diner. Chocolate shavings piled onto a cloud of whipped cream topping the most chocolately chocolate cream filling you can imagine. You must have that pie.

Well, this week at Muddy's, you can! Only it's not just a chocolate cream pie. It's a Chocolate Dream Pie, meaning we throw in a little something extra. A little something called bourbon! Not so much that you can't feed it to the little ones, but enough that you'll wonder why every chocolate thing on this earth isn't highlighted by a little bourbon. One taste and you'll agree with the bakers of Muddy's: chocolate and bourbon are soulmates, a match made in heaven, or in this case, right here in Muddy's Underground Kitchen!

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