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staff pick: frankly scarlett cupcake!

In honor of National Cupcake Day today, I present to you one of Muddy's Bake Shop's perennial favorites as this week's staff pick: the Frankly Scarlett Cupcake!

I doubt any other cake flavor's history has been more hotly debated than that of red velvet. Of course Northerners want to claim it as their own with the tale that it was created by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the 1920s. We Southerners, on the other hand, claim it as our own invention, originally made with a flour-based icing because cream cheese icing would never make it in the South prior to air conditioning. Some even think an extract company invented it to boost sales during the Great Depression. All I know is whoever came up with the concept of red velvet cake was pretty brilliant. And Muddy's Bake Shop's take on the classic red velvet + cream cheese icing combo is nothing short of genius!

And you don't need to take my word for it. Our tender red velvet cake and fluffy cream cheese icing has more than its fair share of fans online. Here are just a few quotes from Yelp reviewers:

... I have to say the "frankly Scarlett red velvet" cupcake was the best sweet thing I've ever had! -Khat S.

We tried ... the frankly scarlett and [it was] quite amazing. -Foodie R.

The ... Frankly Scarlett (red velvet) [is] just... Amazing. I don't even know what else to say. -Melissa W.

And so forth, and so on. Don't you wish you had such a devoted fan club?

Come join a sizable portion of Memphis and the staff of Muddy's Bake Shop as we eat a Frankly Scarlett Cupcake or two in honor of National Cupcake Day today--or any day this week (December 15-20)! While you're at it, place an order for a dozen to feature at your Christmas party. You know the colors will go with your theme.