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staff pick: key lime cupcakes!

Nothing quite hits the spot like citrus in the summertime! Here at Muddy's Bake Shop, you can always find a wide variety of citrus cupcake flavors at this time of year: this week alone we have the Pucker Up Cupcake (lemon cake + lemon icing), the Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake (strawberry cake + lemon icing), and our exclusive Key Lime Cupcake! That's right, the one-of-a-kind Key Lime Cupcake is this week's hand-selected (and as always, handmade!) staff pick here at Muddy's! And we want you to come and see why this one is already the favorite of so many of our customers!

I had never imagined such a thing as a Key Lime Cupcake could exist, until about two or three years ago, when we started developing this recipe here in our Muddy's Underground Kitchen. Once we had a final version complete, I couldn't believe I had lived so long without this cupcake, and I have a feeling you are about to feel the same way! This cupcake is a not-to-be-missed sweet and tart delight: cake made with real key lime juice, topped with our fluffy cream cheese icing, and sprinkled with a dusting of graham cracker crumbs! The tartness of the key lime cake, the tanginess of the cream cheese icing, set off by the unabashedly buttery graham cracker crumbs: this is one combination you won't soon forget.

And just your luck, this masterpiece of a cupcake is in the case here at Muddy's Bake Shop June 2-7! Come treat yourself today and find out why our Key Lime Cupcakes are so popular, we had to invent a winter version (the adorable and adorably named The Grinch Cupcake) to meet customer demand!