staff pick: lemon dainties!

This week the standout in our case is the deliciously elegant Lemon Dainty. These beauties are tasty at any time of the year, but we crave them like lemonade in this Memphis May weather. I know our customers must, too, because these fly out of the case at this time of year!

So just what is a Dainty? you may be asking if you haven't tasted this little delight yet. A Dainty is what it sounds like: a beautiful little bit of butter cookie. But this isn't just any Dainty we're talking about here: this is Muddy's Lemon Dainty. Our famous butter cookies are cut out into elegantly fluted cookies, just the right size for tea time, and topped with the king of all lemon glazes. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and freshly zested lemon zest make this lemon glaze stand out: unless you've tried a Lemon Dainty before, you have never tasted such a delicacy!

Trust me when I say, we staff are huge fans of this cookie, and I know that plenty of our customers are too! You may even be among the many Muddy's fans who have placed orders for Lemon Dainties as a special treat for their wedding, shower, or tea party guests. If you have an event coming up this summer and are a little behind in finding that right finger food, come to Muddy's this week, May 26 through May 31, and taste our Lemon Dainties for yourself! Or hey, even if you aren't planning an event but want a fancy party in your mouth today, there is a Lemon Dainty in our case with your name on it. Claim it now!

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