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staff pick: love potion cookie!

Our menu is so full of fabulous treats this week (as always!), that we were initially clueless about what to choose as our pick! But then I smelled the amazingly sweet chocolateness of something baking that I hadn't smelled in far too long. It was then that I knew what I was having for breakfast AND what this week's staff pick would be! It's the Love Potion Cookie, my friends, and oh how lovely it is! Sigh.

You may have tried the Love Potion Cookie around Valentine's Day here at Muddy's Bake Shop, and if so, you are no doubt among the huge fan base of this cookie who demanded that it no longer be confined to the Valentine's Day menu alone. The Love Potion is seriously too good to be a once-a-year thing! If you haven't tried it, you are probably wondering what this cookie is all about. One bite, and you will understand the name! A buttery, rich chocolate cookie, highlighted with a hint of raspberry and loads of delicious white chocolate chips, this concoction will render you powerless to its spell.

You know this cookie will be flying out of the case, so close your laptop right now and get to Muddy's Bake Shop stat! Join me in eating a Love Potion Cookie for breakfast every day April 28-May 3. Actually, make that two cookies for breakfast every day. Or three.... Please excuse me while I succumb to the spell of chocolatey-raspberry goodness!