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staff pick: nan's pimento cheese!

As always, this week's case list at Muddy's Bake Shop has your sweet tooth covered. But as much as we would all love to be able to eat a cupcake for breakfast, cookies for lunch, and pie for dinner, man cannot live on dessert alone! To fill in the gaps, we have a little something special in the case every week here at Muddy's, and this week it's our staff pick. Our biggest fans already know where I'm going with this. It's the one, the only, Nan's Pimento Cheese.

This stuff has been around since Muddy's first opened its doors, and even longer as a family recipe! Kat's mother-in-law Nancy has been making this fabulous recipe for years. Try a little as a simple appetizer on a cracker or on a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, or whatever your little heart desires, and you will be ready to join Nan's Pimiento Cheese cult following.

Don't deny yourself the pleasure of Nan's Pimento Cheese by clinging to the old notion that you don't like pimento cheese! Nan's Pimento Cheese is pimientos and cheese, not the unidentifiable oily mush that passes for 'cheese spread' at the grocery store. Green onions add a little something special. Nan's recipe is a guaranteed party in your mouth!

So whether you need one more hors d'oeuvre for that rehearsal dinner tonight, something unique to snack on for game night, or just a special treat for a lunch or two this week, Nan's Pimento Cheese is waiting in the case at Muddy's Bake Shop to do your bidding!