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staff pick: pucker up cupcakes!

This week's staff pick is one of our regulars at Muddy's, and for good reason! Demand is high for this little guy, and we bakers and servers at Muddy's Bake Shop love it as much as our customers do. One of our six main cupcake flavors, this one stands out as our most popular fruit flavor by far. That's right, the Pucker Up Cupcake is our star performer this week at Muddy's Bake Shop!

The Pucker Up is our aptly named lemon cake topped with lemon icing. A favorite choice for weddings and classier affairs due to its lovely colors and elegant white non-pareils, the Pucker Up Cupcake is a versatile crowd pleaserand a MUST for your guests that prefer fruit flavors over chocolate or vanilla.

Either you grew up with lemon cake and are a diehard fan, or you've simply never thought to try it. Maybe it never occurred to you to choose lemon when chocolate was available! Many of the staff here at Muddy's Bake Shop fall into this latter category, but every one of us is glad we tried the Pucker Up! It is a very lemony choice, but there is so much more to it! The cake is rich and moist without being too heavy, and the icing is sweet and tart and creamy and delicious! Whether the Pucker Up is already your favorite or you've yet to partake of this sweet taste of paradise, be sure to treat yourself to Muddy's classic lemon cupcake this week!