staff pick: razzle dazzle cupcakes!

We are just days away from summer, and you know what that means? Berry season! We love our berries here at Muddy's Bake Shop: we have our blueberry and blackberry pies, our endless strawberry options, and as for raspberries? Raspberries get their very own icing, which is oh-so delicious with chocolate cake! This week Muddy's staff picks the Razzle Dazzle Cupcake!


Our raspberry buttercream icing is made with real raspberry preserves, of course: that distinctively sweet and subtly tart raspberry flavor could never be replicated in a lab (and even if it could? ew!) On top of our signature decadently rich chocolate cupcakes, our raspberry icing obviously feels like a queen. She's rich and beautiful and rules all of Memphis from the most coveted throne in the land. And she is oh-oh-so-delicious!

So this week, June 16-21, come celebrate the beginning of summer at Muddy's Bake Shop with a Razzle Dazzle Cupcake or two! Your taste buds will be doing such a happy dance, the heat is bound to be at least a tiny bit more bearable!

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