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Staff Pick: Rosette Cake!

We had to think long and hard about this week's Staff Pick. It isn't easy to just pick one when your menu is as good as it is here at Muddy's Bake Shop! This week we choose the one and only Muddy's Rosette Cake!

You may remember Mother's Day when we first introduced this new lovely lady to our menu. Well, it was such a hit and in such high demands for weddings, that we decided to keep it around! 

What flavor is the Rosette Cake, you may ask? Well, the one on our case this week is an undying favorite: the Wedding Cake. Tender vanilla cake is delicately decorated with rosettes of our creamiest of cream cheese icing! It's beautiful, it's tasty, and a slice can be yours this week, June 14-19, just by dropping by Muddy's and choosing it from the case!

Should you want a Rosette Cake for your own event, you aren't limited to just our Wedding Cake flavor! We also offer the Rosette Cake in: Frankly Scarlett (red velvet cake + cream cheese icing), Pucker Up (lemon cake + lemon icing), Capote (chocolate cake + vanilla icing), and Plain Jane (vanilla cake + vanilla icing)!