staff pick: shady wake pie!

There's no denying it: we Southerners love a good slice of pecan pie! It may have been a harvest time tradition at one time, but we at Muddy's Bake Shop see no reason to confine pecan pie to a single season. And clearly our customers are with us on that: it's your demand for our Shady Wake Pie that keeps us making it for you every week! The eternal love for the Shady Wake from both our customers as well as our staff is what inspires its choice as the staff pick of this week!

Like any product that is on our menu every week, the Shady Wake Pie is either your go-to favorite already, or you have always taken it for granted that you can try it next time you come visit us. Well, do yourself a favor, and stop putting it off! This week is the week to indulge in the best Southern pecan pie on the planet! Loads of pecans are baked into a gooey but not too gooey caramel filling and cradled in our signature buttery pie crust: what is not to love about such a delicacy?

This particular recipe is Kat's own, lovingly developed to please Mr. Shady Wake himself. Who is Shady Wake, you might ask? Why, that would be Kat's father and quite possibly the world's greatest and most demanding connoisseur of the Southern pecan pie. It's no wonder this pie is seriously the best Southern pecan pie on Earth. Don't believe me? Then you haven't tried it yet! Come to Muddy's today, grab a slice, and let our Shady Wake Pie speak for itself!

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