Muddy’s Journal

staff pick: sparkle disco butter cookies!

It's New Year's Eve week here at Muddy's Bake Shop, and that means sparkles, sparkles, sparkles! This week's staff pick is among the sparkliest of them all, the Sparkle Disco Butter Cookie.

These cookies begin their lives as our famous cut-out butter cookie dough, which, when baked becomes the most addictively buttery shortbread cookie you've ever eaten in your life! The cookies are hand-iced with our white royal icing with just the right amount of sweetness, and then the party REALLY begins with the garnishes of gold stars, gold glitter dust, and multi-color sprankle sugar. You know, this one really deserves a close up.... 

The Sparkle Disco Butter Cookies is as much a party on the table as it is a party in your mouth, and don't forget it's here for a limited time only! So don't delay, come visit us this week--December 29-January 3--and feast with your eyes and your mouth on this staff pick. Or better yet, pick up that phone and call 901.683.8844 today to order a dozen or two for your New Year's Eve celebration!