staff pick: strawberry honey pie!

It's a very good week to be craving strawberries here at Muddy's Bake Shop! If you are a cake person, this week's case list is for you: Strawberry Fields Forever cupcakes (strawberry + strawberry), Neapolitan cupcakes (chocolate cake + vanilla icing + strawberry icing), and Strawberry Blonde cake (vanilla cake + strawberry icing) are all glorious options. But if you happen to be a pie person (like me!), then you are REALLY in luck because this week, June 9-14, we are featuring the Strawberry Honey Pie! It's a number one staff pick, and once you try it, you will understand why!

Don't let the Strawberry Honey Pie's simple demeanor fool you. Yes, its ingredient list is short and simple, but this is no ordinary pie. Our strawberries are sweetened with pure local honey and spiced with a hint of black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Then all is baked in our signature buttery piecrust. The result is an elegant dream of a pie: simple as Grandma's kitchen, complex as a pricey bottle of wine.

I personally spent an hour this morning washing and cutting the fresh strawberries for this pie -- no frozen strawberries in sight here in the Muddy's Kitchen! And you know I am rewarding myself with a slice of this pie today. Come satisfy your strawberry craving with me this week at Muddy's Bake Shop, and the Strawberry Honey Pie may just teach you the true meaning of pie!

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