staff pick: sweet patootie pie!

It's Thanksgiving week everybody! You know what that means? The staff here at Muddy's Bake Shop are all about some pie this week. But it was tough deciding which pie would be our staff pick, since they are all so yummy! I finally took charge, however, and decided that this week's staff pick must be my own personal favorite, the Sweet Patootie Pie!

Our Sweet Patootie Pie is . . . you guessed it: the best sweet potato pie this side of the Mississippi! And I doubt there are very many good ones outside of the South anyway. It starts with sweet potatoes roasted right here in Muddy's Kitchen to produce a sweet, caramelized flavor that could never be imitated with canned stuff. Spiced perfectly and baked in our signature buttery crust, Sweet Patootie Pie is quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen to your mouth this season.

So what are you waiting for? This week, come to Muddy's and get yourself a slice of Sweet Patootie Pie. And happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know? It's the last day to order for Thanksgiving! So get your orders in today, folks! Check out to place your pre-order online, or call 901.683.8844.

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