Summer Refresh!

Summer Refresh!

Lots of fun things are happening at Muddy's this summer- many of them looooong awaited.

Starting July 6, we’re open on Wednesdays.
Then the next week, counter service is back (yay!).  We've talked with folks to identify what's been going well about how we're working now and what would make it better-- one of the key things we've heard is that ample "grab n go" shopping is a WIN, so we'll keep a large selection available.  Also that the downside of counter service is standing in a line (especially if you have young ones in tow)... so we’ll be experimenting with “take a number” so folks can move around and be comfortable while still feeling secure that they'll be helped in order.  

a peek into our counter service brainstorm session

The week of July 17, we are launching a partnership with Cordelia’s Market
in Harbor Town; they’ll be carrying some delicious Muddy’s favorites in their adorable grocery.  Be sure to swing by Cordelia's on Wed July 20 as we celebrate the launch with the treat truck in their parking lot!

...AND oh hey, the treat truck is back on the road! We'll be in the Hedgemoor area on Minden for a mini-stop on July 14, Cordelia's Market on July 20, and Germantown on July 31.

Later this summer (when our new banquette is finished being built) we’ll add indoor seating in the bakery. Then in August, we’ll extend our hours, opening a  bit earlier. 

We're also adding more decorated cakes to our lineup and they'll be easily order-able on our website without needing a long lead time.  Also, our custom cakes leader will be stepping out of the bakery for a bit to welcome a new baby, so these decorated cake options will be a timely addition to the menu!

And in the meantime, there's lots of fun stuff happening on Broad Ave, new classes always being added to the baking class calendar, private parties and more.  


Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH for your patience and love as we’ve taken each step slowly and cautiously these last couple of years. It’s been an ‘adventure’ for sure, and there’s no community we could love more than you all.

We love you and appreciate you so much.
Kat & the gnomies

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