Thanksgiving menu

It's getting to be that time!
"What time?" you may ask...
"Time to start planning for Thanksgiving!" I answer.

The following menu items are the only items available for special order pick-up on Tuesday November 25th and Wednesday November 26th. By having a limited menu for the holiday madness, we'll be able to accommodate more of your orders and fewer of you will have to hear the words, "I'm so sorry, we're booked".
That said, please be sure to get your order in as soon as you know what you want, as we will have to cap the orders at capacity.

Prozac... $30 chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing
Mopsy... $35 carrot cake seasoned with ginger and cream cheese icing
Here Comes Trouble... $35 vanilla cake with caramel icing

prozac... $18 dozen chocolate cake with chocolate icing
plain jane...$18 dozen vanilla cake with vanilla icing
capote... $18 dozen chocolate cake with vanilla icing
classic... $18 dozen vanilla cake with chocolate icing
pucker up... $18 dozen lemon cake with lemon icing
mopsy... $18 dozen ginger-carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Cookies and Bars

chocolate chip cookies... $6 dozen
peanut butter cookies... $6 dozen
oatmeal raisin cookies... $6 dozen
toffee bars... $7.20 dozen
classic brownies... $12 dozen

sweet patootie pie... $20 sweet potatoes and spices
punkin' pie... $20 pumpkin and spices
shady wake... $22 Southern pecan
johnny appleseed... $25 double-crust apple pie
cocoa chanel... $20 chocolate chess

wheat germ muffins... $12 a dozen
pear pecan muffins... $12 a dozen
banana blitzkrieg bread... $12 for 8 inch loaf

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