Thanksgiving weekend

There were exciting things going on at Muddy's over the Thanksgiving break! After rousing ourselves from the turkey and dressing coma, we got on our comfy jeans, picked up our power tools and paint brushes, and rolled up our sleeves.

We've done a little re-arranging and I think the new set-up will work well for everyone. We've moved the coffee station to be beside the new cold-case (which I apologize is taking so long to be functioning... making the doors has turned into a construction nightmare), put up lots of things on the wall, re-painted the bench, painted a bookcase, put up window shades, made a new eat-in table, sanded and re-painted the dirty dish station trolley, touched up the walls, built shelving into two cabinets, re-painted a wall, built three new doors for the back, painted the counter-island, and expanded the dry goods/merchandise area. Actually, that expansion isn't quite complete as the Big Ugly Cooler is still there, but once we get our new refrigeration delivered, we can finish dolling up that space.

PS. Many thanks to Thomas and Kip for volunteering to help with the heavy lifting; I appreciate y'all using your days off to help out!

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