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the biz: saying "no" to growth

I've been reading a lot lately. Nope, not the relaxing tomes I promised myself would make a re-appearance in my life for 2010 (hey, I've still got 10 more months to make that a reality!); I've been reading tons of business blogs. Specifically, I've been trying to find guidance from others in the same boat I find myself.

Many are calling for Muddy's expansion... everything from opening earlier, opening every day to more locations, franchising (not gonna happen y'all), etc, but I can't help but feel that in doing so this business would lose what's at the heart and soul of it, what those people really identify with and why they love us.

I recently found this blog post on the New York Times website and was intrigued, especially by the variety of comments readers posted. It seems there are some notable differences between this place and Muddy's, but I'm definitely interested by the variety of comments and overall theme. What do you think?