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the hank special... a story

The following is a very special tale of travel, cupcakes, and true love...

A couple of Muddy's regulars, we'll call them Hannah Kay and ohhh, say, Hank, traveled out of town and took Muddy's cupcakes for their friends as well as some for themselves (capote- her favorite and plain jane- his favorite) to enjoy while they were gone.

Friday night Hank partied with friends and returned late, while Hannah Kay was asleep. Saturday morning Hannah Kay woke up hungry and tried to rouse Hank, a hopeless endeavor. She spied the Muddy's bakery box and went to get a little snack to hold her over and what did she see inside? All of Hank's plain jane cupcakes GONE and all the buttercream icing LICKED OFF her capotes. And y'all wonder why we call it the Hank special*. :)


*the Hank Special = shot of icing


PS. if you're wondering where "true love" comes into the story, Hannah Kay didn't divorce Hank for stealing her icing. True love, my friends, true love.


PPS. We love you Hank!!!! You're one of our rockingest peeps!