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The Muddy's Guide to Masks!

The Muddy's Guide to Masks!

Ever since we ended our “hibernation” in July and went back to baking, we've been in full-on mask-wearing mode. Our awesome gnomies have become quite the experts in all things masks-- let’s just say they’ve put the FUN in functionality when it comes to face coverings! Because we wear them at all times when in the Kitchen, the team has figured out what works best for long-term mask wearing and definitely have their favorites.

Check out what some of our expert mask-wearing gnomies recommend for both comfort and FUN:

  • Alyssa: She says she's turning into a bit of a "mask hoarder" thanks to her stepmom Michelle, who has made HUNDREDS of masks for her friends and family... just because she loves sewing! Alyssa's favorite part is that she uses beautiful vintage fabrics to make them AND they are reversible, so each one (and each side!) is unique and fun. Michelle even bought Alyssa multiple cherry print fabrics to make masks fit for Muddy's. Such a cherry on top. (Some of Michelle's cute masks pictured above!)
  • Amy: When mask wearing first became a nationwide recommendation, Amy first looked to Etsy and continues to have it be her go to when she needs fresh styles. She likes that no only is it a bunch of small, independent sellers,  but there's also a lot of variety when it comes to styles & prints: anyone can easily find something that they like! She prefers the non-accordion styles with a metal nose piece for the most comfortable long-term wear.
  • Andrea: Because the necessity of wearing a mask comes with a somber feeling, Andrea likes to wear bright & cheerful masks to "send out a smile" without actually being able to see one. She likes Society6 and Memphis-based Ixora for masks that are artistically appealing, and this approach to making mask wearing fun makes all the difference mentally!
  • Bridget: Bridget looks to our Broad Ave neighbors at Mbabzi House of Style for her masks. Not only are they a locally- and woman-owned busniess, they offer high quality, handcrafted, super comfortable masks in African inspired prints. She loves that they offer an option that ties behind the head instead of elastic since it's much easier on the ears.
  • Dena: Dena's biggest tip for mask wearing is to try out a bunch of different styles! She's found that what works best for her face shape is one with a middle seam (no accordion) with elastic ear straps in a scuba-type material ("doesn't suck into your mouth when breathing"-- ha!). What may be comfortable for one person won't be comfortable for the next, so if you've gotta wear 'em, experiment! 
  • Kirby: "Do I try to match my mask to my outfit? Yes. Does that mean I’ve bought more masks than the average person to make this happen? Also yes!" The best ones that are cute, comfortable, and affordable? OLD NAVY. They have masks for adults and kiddos, AND they come in a variety of colors/patterns. Plus, you can get a bunch of them without spending tooooo much. WIN!
  • Leah: If you've ever seen Leah, you know she loves to rock a bold print... and with face coverings it's no different! Her mask philosophy: "If I have to wear it, I don't want to be bummed by drabness." She recommends LookHUMAN for mask that are not only comfortable but also have the option for cuteness.
  • Megan: She calls cute face masks her "current obsession". She has a TON of them and loves having a varitey to choose from to fit her mood of the day. Many have come from Etsy or novel. book store in Memphis, and she loves the ones with the metal nose piece since she is a glasses wearer. Her current favorite mask? One printed with the Maurader's Map from the Harry Potter series!
  • Noah: He recommends Hedley & Bennett for comfortable, longwear-able masks... AND super awesome aprons! As a glasses wearer, he likes that their mask's shape has a higher nose bridge for fuller face coverage. It makes securing glasses over them for no fogging a breeze. 

 General Mask Wearing Tips from the Gnomies:

  • Cover your mouth AND nose!
  • Wearing glasses? Find a mask that has a built in nose piece to keep it super tight against your face for minimal fogging. No nose piece? Insert a pipe cleaner for an easy DIY mask hack!
  • Strap extenders or masks with adjustable ear straps are LIFESAVERS if the elastic is a bit snug or for longterm mask wearing. Or even a paper clip can work in a pinch! Protect those ears, y'all.
  • Wearing a mask is loving your neighbor. We sooooo appreciate everyone who masks up before coming to see us! It shows that you not only care about your own health, but the health and safety of our gnomies. We love you all SO MUCH!