Muddy’s Blog

the revolution cometh...

"will there be sugar after the rebellion?" (hey nerds, try to guess what I'm quoting!)

For the last few years I've bided my time while the popular girls had their day in the sun, knowing that one day the public would see that the nerd/theatre techie/ kooky kid was really super-awesome and totally cooler than the prom queen/king*.

If you are a fan of that kid, then get ready for the revolution! Luckily, Muddy's has been a dedicated purveyor of pie since Day One (even if most folks never notice these delicious wallflowers) and I for one am excited to see my very favorite food group (yes, food group- don't judge me) coming into the limelight.

If you haven't tried our delicious pies yet, please give 'em a shot! We sell whole 10" pies by pre-order, slices of our weekly featured flavors, 7" and 4" whole pies for walk-in pie emergencies, and even wee baby pies for the pie amateur looking to take it slow and ease into the terrifyingly delicious world of pie. Yum!

*guess what kind of kid I was in high school...? :)

This broadcast is in honor of National Pie Day (January 23) and brought to you by the letter P and the number 3.14. (Get it, get it?!?! Ha!)